Wrap Codes and Definitions

Wrap Code #Wrap Code CategoryDefinition or Example
21Appt CreatedThe client has made preparations to take a vehicle into the shop (have it brought in).
1 Maintenance/Repair services traditionally scheduled in X-Time
2 Tow in or other EMERGENCY arrival TODAY (whether able to enter into X-Time or not)
3 Valet (Pick-up & Delivery/Concierge Service)
4 Nissan Leaf service referrals back to the service drive (McCall Nissan)
5 Nissan GTR service referrals back to the service drive (McCall Nissan)
6 Hyundai Equus service referrals back to the service drive (McCall Hyundai)
7 Anytime customer states they are walking-in regardless of no availability to walk-in or available schedule in X-Time.
***(#7) Please send correspondence to the store regarding the impending arrival of a client to the service drive via a "Heads Up" email.***
24Service PricingThe client calls asking for estimated costs for maintenance/repairs.
1 No service dates/times scheduled or discussed.
2 Client calls for specific pricing information (parts & labor) but no services are scheduled.
i Maintenance
ii Repairs
iii Aftermarket accessories
3 Client may be a retail price shopper or may represent a competitive Service Provider.
4 Client calling to discuss CHARGES from an prior service visit
5 Inquiry of After-service rebate
25Vehicle StatusThe client's call regards a vehicle that IS at the dealership !!
1 The client calls regarding the progress of repairs of a vehicle currently in the shop
2 Client calling to request a loan car due to service duration.
3 Wanting to add additional services to the primary concern to the vehicle that's currently in the shop.
4 Wanting to provide additional contact information (phone numbers/email addresses) for the service department.
5 Inquiring how to prepay for the work for the vehicle that's currently in the shop
6 May also be an inquiry from a 3rd party insurance/warranty company for a client's vehicle currently in service.
7 Client has additional questions for the advisor regarding a vehicle that IS in the shop, but not exactly status related.
26ShuttleDiscussion about alternate transportation option where the dealership will drive the client somewhere after drop off while the vehicle is in for service.
1 No service dates/times scheduled or discussed.
2 Discuss various dealership shuttle transportation policies.
i Radius distance from the dealership
ii Take to a location only, or pick up also.
iii Discuss departure intervals
27Store InfoClient calls regarding other dealership related information - Usually NOT a call related to the client's vehicle:
1 Store Location
2 Address
3 Hours
4 Fax number
5 Solicitors
6 Job applicants
7 Spanish inquiry
8 Lost and found (articles left in personal car or loan/rental car)
9 Coupon policy (no appt. scheduled)
10 Call back request (client vague on details but doesn't specify its vehicle related)
Be sure to ask probing questions to better understand the nature of the call and pick a more applicable "wc"
28PartsCalls intended for the parts department:
1 No service dates/times scheduled or discussed.
2 Retail or wholesale parts related
3 Includes tires without mount/balance costs.
29SalesCall intended for the New/Used Car Department / Sales call / Finance Department.
1 Client interested in PURCHASING extended service/maintenance contract.
2 We-Owe/Due Bill related inquiries that don't result in scheduled service (per KB)
3 Pay-off requests
4 License Plates
5 May relate to lease turn-in policies (per KB)
30CollisionCall intended for the Collision Department (a.k.a., Body Shop)
1 No service dates/times scheduled or discussed.
2 Misdirected call that should be rerouted to the Collision / Body Shop.
i May also be from a 3rd party insurance company calling on behalf of a claim.
32Store ComplaintClient expresses SOME level of dissatisfaction or discontent.
1 Client complains about poor customer service from the store or SDC.
2 If they say that they are upset, not happy, mad due to the last service not being performed properly
i Client "just" left but the problem still exists
ii May regard other re-do work necessary
3 Vehicle or other property damaged as a result of poorly performed service
In this case, please send correspondence to the store regarding the nature of the complaint to the service drive via a "Heads Up" email.
33Appt CancelledA previously scheduled service visit was cancelled (the client refused an alternate date/time of arrival.)
34Appt RescheduleA previously scheduled service visit was rescheduled for various reasons:
1 Date
2 Time
3 Loan car
4 Additional services have been added
35Appt ConfirmationClient has called into the SDC to verify information regarding a previously scheduled service visit:
1 Date/time confirmations
2 Availability of a loaner/rental vehicle
3 Notification of "on the way" but late arrival for pre-schedule services or other pertinent information regarding impending arrival.
36Recall InquiryClient inquiring about a vehicle affected by factory recall(s) or other factory related service campaigns
1 No Service Scheduled due to KB related restrictions:
i No parts available.
ii Agent cannot schedule a service visit because no manufacturer letter has been issued
2 "Does my vehicle have a recall?"
i If there is no letter we can now do a VIN Verify and based upon what KB says fill out the RECALL TEMPLATE.
3 Call may be from OEM regarding a client with a recall (may result in a warm transfer or a taken message).
37Warranty InquiryNo Service Scheduled.
1 Client asks if an impending maintenance/repair is covered by the Manufacturer Warranty (time/mileage.)
2 Client asks when their warranty expires.
(#2) This is ALWAYS an opportunity to offer the FREE INITIAL DIAGNOSIS especially if you discover they are experiencing drivability issues.
3 Call may be from 3rd party warranty company regarding RO/claim payment detail(s).
4 Call may be from client or 3rd party regarding Tire & Wheel (Road Hazard) coverage (no appointment scheduled)
38Dropped CallCall disconnects via system issue or caller hangs up.
1 Calls with no response from the customer or dead air from thirty secondsafter the agent announces the dealership name.
2 May be a result of technical issues on either side of the call.
3 Client may have hung up as a result of being on-hold too long.
39Chk. Sched. Avail.No service is scheduled due to mis-alignment between the client's preferred dates/times and the available time slots in Xtime.
1 No service scheduled although alternate dates/times were suggested.
2 Client inquiring about an available loaner/rental car on a particular date/time (no appointment scheduled).
88Maint. Inq.No Service Scheduled (or availability discussed).
1 Client is calling in to see what their next service should be.
2 Client is calling in to see what's included in their next service.
3 Client is inquiring about prior service work done (not a price related inquiry).
4 Client inquiring if certain work CAN BE done to a vehicle.
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